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What is Wrong with People???

In the past 24 hours a person is being judged by three seconds of his life and it is a shame this is what society believes.

Being from Minnesota, I am a lifelong fan of our MN Vikings professional football team. Many of you probably witnessed yesterday, as I did, our kicker missing a 27-yard, game leading field goal with just seconds remaining in the game. This immediately caused an uproar on social media.

I cannot express how disappointed I am with people!!! This memory will play back in Blair Walsh’s mind for the rest of his life! My heart goes out to him!

Do you really think he intentionally missed?!?!?! Did you forget that he was the only person on the team to score any points the entire game?!?!?!?

Before you are so quick to judge him, think about what mistakes have you made in your life that will carry this kind of life long nightmare. Likely not many!

As a friend of mine commented, “I hope my life wont’ be judged by one kick!”

Football is a team sport. Games are not won or lost by any individual. The game is 60 minutes, not three seconds. He was the only scorer for our team and is getting blamed for losing? What is wrong with people?!?!?!

These players are human. And let us not forget they are the BEST of the BEST!! According to the NFL Players Association only .2 percent of high school football players make it to the NFL. So it is easy for people to judge from their couch or their bar stool but have NO IDEA the years and hours of preparation time these players have dedicated to becoming the best.

Have you dedicated this kind of time into preparing to be the best?

It is embarrassing that society has placed so much value on the results of sporting events. Players and their families have received death threats. SERIOUSLY!! These are human beings trying to do their best! What happened to sportsmanship?!?!?

Stop the blaming and complaining! Use this same force of energy to focus on making your own life the best it can be. Imagine our world if everyone dedicated our lives at being the BEST at whatever we choose. Now there’s a positive thought!

Action Step: Whether it is your career, your business, or your life, strive to be the best at something. It will be work, no doubt, but it will also be extremely rewarding!

Learners are Earners: Watch this short video to see an incredible display of sportsmanship from Blair Walsh in his post-game interview. The entire article is refreshing too!

Quote: “Sometimes I think sportsmanship is a little bit forgotten in place of the individual attention.” ~ Cal Ripken Jr.

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