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Meet Nikki

Inspiring, and empowering, Nikki Nitz brings over 20 years of business consulting experience to her clients and all those she is in contact with.  Her life purpose is to positively impact the world by empowering others and herself to generate Inspired Income and live an Inspired Life.  She passionately inspires others to ethically increase their personal and professional value while she does the same herself.


What drives her passion?  Through her years of working with small businesses, she sees the difficulty people have in understanding how to run a successful business.  She has witnessed far too many business owners who pour years of blood, sweat, and tears into their businesses only to find that when they are ready to sell, they don’t own a valuable business.  This is why she is committed to helping people create profitable businesses that inspire the owners and support their ultimate lifestyle.


Nikki is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Management Accountant.  She herself is a successful business owner having started and purchased her own businesses.  Nikki has used her education and experience to assist many other entrepreneurs start, purchase, build, grow, and sell their businesses.


Nikki has spent several years committed to the veterinary profession creating the brand The Veterinary Business Expert™.  The purpose of The Veterinary Business Expert™ is to simplify business so that veterinarians who have the desire to build valuable businesses can easily do so.  The mission is to be the leader in providing education and inspiration to veterinarians, veterinary students, and veterinary staff so that they can build practice value, increase their personal wealth, and live their ultimate lifestyle.

Nikki also owns Simmons & Associates Northwest.  Simmons & Associates Inc. is an international veterinary brokerage and appraisal firm represented by thirteen territories.  Simmons helps veterinary practice owners understand the value of their investment through practice appraisals.  No individual or firm has helped more veterinarians achieve their dreams of buying their own practice or reaping the rewards of their efforts by offering their veterinary practice for sale.  Simmons is the world leader in veterinary practice sales and purchases.

Nikki’s passion does not end with business.  She has invested countless hours studying personal achievement.  Through her commitment to helping people live their ultimate lifestyle, Nikki invested in becoming a Certified High Performance Coach™ by one of the top personal development trainers in the world, Brendon Burchard.  She is also a graduate of Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer program qualifying her to teach The Success Principles™.

To fulfill her life purpose and the mission of her businesses, Nikki is a frequent national and international speaker.  Don’t let her accounting background fool you.  Her down-to-earth, simplistic style has her receiving consistent feedback that she makes business easy to understand especially for people lacking a business mindset.

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