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Nikki privately coaches people with a strong desire to become high achievers in life and in business.  After implementing this system you will be living a life full of freedom, finances, fulfillment, and fun!


Who is this program for?

  • You are a high school or college student trying to figure out what you want to do with your life.

  • You are going through a major life transition (divorce, becoming an empty nester, loss of employment) and are searching for guidance on how to get your life on track.

  • You are an entrepreneur working harder and harder in your business but aren't making the money or living the life you envisioned.

  • You have reached a point in your life where you are financially successful yet feel your life has no meaning and is not fulfilling.

  • You have dreams of owning your own business but something is holding you back from achieving your dream.



       This 12 session program will provide you with a laser-focused plan on how to create and live the life you dream of!  


  • Living an Inspired Life is compromised of these five areas:

    1. ​Health

    2. Relationships

    3. Lifestyle

    4. Legacy

    5. Finances


  • In order for you to reach ultimate happiness, these five areas need to be in harmony with each other.  You may be very career focused and generating excellent income but are you doing it at the expense of the relationships with your family and friends, or at the expense of your health?  We keep you focused on all five areas so that you are not sacrificing parts of your life to get what you want in other areas.


  • This is a strategically designed and proven three-part system:

    • MINDSET - First we work with you to get your mind thinking properly.  We help you develop the vision of what you are really trying to create and most importantly why you want it.  You likely are part of the 98% of the world that spends no time planning and designing the life you want to live.  Through exercises we identify your true passions, your purpose in life and for your business if you are an entrepreneur, and create a laser-focused plan to achieve your life goals.  We help you overcome fears and limiting beliefs.  We build your confidence as well as replace negative self-talk with positive thinking.

    • MOTION - Next we inspire you to take action on achieving your goals.  You don't have to do it alone - in fact we encourage you to work with others!  Responsibilites will be delegated and we will help you be more productive with your time.

    • MONEY - Once your MINDSET is clear, and you are in MOTION, this is when the MONEY flows.  Entrepreneurs, we implement ways to increase your profit.  Employees, we teach you about adding value to your company to help you earn the promotion you are desiring.  We know you want to increase your personal wealth so that you can live the lifestyle you choose and we teach you how.


  • Implementation and accountability are two of the roadblocks preventing you from success.  You may know what you need to do (eat less, exercise more) but you do not implement it.  One reason is because you do not have anyone holding you accountable.  Nikki holds you accountable so that you continually progress forward at achieving your goals.


  • Whether you are currently a business owner, have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, or are an employee, Nikki will lead you to generating Inspired Income and living an Inspired Life.  A life full of happiness, abundance, meaning, and fulfillment.


To schedule a FREE coaching session send an email to today.


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