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Top 3 Reasons for Unhappiness & Burnout

Many of you are suffering from burnout and are not happy with your business or your life. The good news is you can change!

The top three reasons for burnout and unhappiness are:

#1 - Lack of Vision: You have no idea what you want in business and in life. You haven't spent time planning and thinking about where you want to get to. When you lack this vision you get caught up in the hamster wheel spinning and spinning around but don't get anywhere. Most people spend more time planning their next vacation than they do planning their business and their life. Don't let this be you!

#2 - Lack of Systems & Processes: Systems and processes when properly in place are what drives your business. You team members know exactly how to do things and they are done consistently when processes are in place. This is what allows your business to operate with or without you. It is what provides you the flexibility and freedom of your time.

#3 - Lack of Cash - Not having enough money is one of the major stressors in a business and in people's lives. It is what keeps you awake at night. It's what ruins relationships. It causes a great deal of unhappiness.

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